Grind & Seal

Grind and Seal Concrete Cost

The cost savings of Grind and Seal concrete can also be found in reduced maintenance and cleaning costs. This polished concrete alternative is no-fuss material is easy to clean, stain resistant, pet friendly and hypoallergenic.


While the cost of Grind & Seal varies depending on the size of the space, it's best to get in touch with one of our friendly staff who is able to analyse your situation properly and quote you accordingly!

Add Value To Your Home

Highend Polished Concrete’s Grind & Seal concrete service won’t only bring style into your living space, but also add value to your home with a surface that is sophisticated, durable and timeless in its design.


Available across various locations in Melbourne, trust Highend Polished Concrete to provide your space with ultimate services in Grind & Seal Concrete, Acid Etched Concrete, and Polished Concrete Flooring.


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